Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey everyone!  I'm going to be only posting my tutu updates over on my main blog HERE.  I would love for you to please follow me over there! 

Also, I've changed my twitter account from TTs Dreamy Tutus, to RobynLeeINC.  You will still be able to get updates about my tutus (and receive discounts when I run promotions! ^_~) if you follow me there.  I have recently started my own photography business, so I'm simplifying things by lumping them together.

THANK YOU EVERYONE!  I love all of my tutu fans!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The "JVB"

"Glitter mixed with Rock n Roll!"
I made this tutu for my lovely, talented, ROCKIN' friend, Jacqueline of the band OTTO'S DAUGHTER!
If you haven't heard of them, please take a moment and check them out.  They are truly amazing!  They have a new album out, and will be kicking off their tour @ The Viper Room in good ol' Hollywood on July 17th (and Ohhh... I can't wait!!!! : ) 
Love them, Love Jacqueline, Love Glitter & Rock n'Roll!

Monday, July 5, 2010

And the winner is...

I recently had a giveaway and the winner was a lovely girl named Krissa! She wanted a punk/rock tutu with pinks/blacks and zebra print... Totally can't go wrong with that!

Congrats Krissa, I hope you like it! : )

And to everyone else, I'm going to be running a special for my birthday coming up: 15% OFF any style tutu NOW until July 14th!

Pay through Paypal and make that 20% OFF! : )

Thank you to EVERYONE that entered!!! You all rock!! : )

Monday, June 21, 2010

So Doggone Cute!

I don't think I need to say much with these pictures eh? : ) 

Yes, I make doggie tutus too! : )

4th of July Cutie!

A special 3 layer tutu* for a special girl! : )

Introducing the 4th of July tutu!

Tutu much fun! ^_~

Have you entered our giveaway yet?  You still have time to! 
Click below to find out how!  Tell your friends too : )


* 3 Layer Tutu can be made into ANY color combo!  Not only Red, White & Blue : )

Friday, June 18, 2010

Color Block Cuteness!

I made my nieces these {super} cute COLOR BLOCK tutus : ) 

They are SUPER fun & I hope they love them!

Monday, May 31, 2010

"The Charisma"

Here is my latest creation, named after a dear friend of mine, "The Charisma"! : )

TT amazed me again today with her modeling skills.  Her Dad and I decided that she should earn some money for doing these photos shoots, so she was EXTREMELY excited to earn her $5! 

And here is TT in another posh style tutu:

We didn't have a green tutu in our stock pile of photos so we thought we should : )

Hope everyone has a great week!

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